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Why 50x?

Quantum Trade Core Any2Any

Any2Any means that you can trade ANY Trading Pair directly, with full support of the charts, TrailingStops, etc.

Support 24/7

If your troubleshooting request is not answered within 24h, your account will be credited with 500 A2A bonus tokens, which you may use to pay the trading fees.

Fast Deposits / Withdrawals

We automatically process all requests without delay.

Low Commissions

Many of trading pairs have just 0.01% trading fees. Plus, by using A2A tokens, you can get a 50% discount.

Stoploss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop

Trading terminal designed by professional traders to help in profitable trading and position management.

NO KYC / AML / Selfie

Your ID, source of funds, or any private information are not required, and FIAT services aren't provided. Hence, your ID copies will never be made available to the public - because we do not have them. The interaction with is the same as with the blockchain - the existence of a private key is enough.

Margin/Lending system

Each user can lend and borrow funds at the annual rate

White label

Make your own crypto exchange with Cloud.API


EWA wallets

Someone got your account details and logged in? Having problems accessing your account? Need to override a security withdrawal delay?

Emergency Withdrawal Addresses (EWA) are the addresses in each blockchain for all tokens you have on your account. If you activate Emergency Account Termination your tokens will be sent to them automatically. It's recommended to use your cold wallet addresses.

Your Own Withdrawal Delay

You can set your own delay for withdrawal orders and for change requests of your Emergency Withdrawal Addresses (EWA). Received orders will be put on hold for a specified time and executed upon delay expiration. You can increase delay period any time you want, but reducing or canceling the delay will be implemented with the same delay as was set before for withdrawal orders.

3-factor Google Auth

Almost every exchange uses 2-Factor Authentication with One Time Passwords (OTP) and that still isn't good enough against phishing.

That's why on, there is an additional withdrawal OTP with a separate private key, which is used only for withdrawals. So, even if you log in via a fraudulent website with your primary OTP, nobody can withdraw your tokens using it because a separate OTP should be used in this case.

Master Key

Master Key is a one-time access tool to activate emergency tokens withdrawals from your account to your Emergency Withdrawal Addresses (EWA).

In case the regular authentication method with password and OTP is lost or not working for any reason, Master Key will help you to withdraw your funds and re-open the account with a new password/OTP.

What if someone found out your Master Key somehow? Do not worry!

The worst thing that may happen is an unexpected withdrawal of your tokens to your EWA

KYC / AML / Selfie

Most people do not realize that KYC is a huge security hole.

If you are able to restore access to your account by providing your ID, passphrase etc., that also means that hackers can do the same. Once they got access to your email account (a protection level is much lower for emails) - they know everything about you and therefore can provide necessary private data to bypass 2FA on your exchange.

On all account recovery functions are automated and use blockchain-like crypto solutions to identify the owner of the account. Our support team has no access to your funds, and we created a new fully automated token recovery system.

Quantum Trade Core Any2Any

First in the world Any2Any technology

  • Switch any coin to any
  • Liquidity flow between orderbooks

Margin system

User’s loans and lending

  • Take out a loan with leverage up to 3x
  • Lend funds at a preferred annual rate

White label

Operating your own crypto exchange has never been that easy

  1. Create your app with Cloud API
  2. Start marketing
  3. Get 50% of fees
  • Full functional API for your app
  • Zero running cost
  • No need for admins
  • Fair 50/50 profit sharing model.

Manage other user's funds

Use protected Professional Master Account (PMA) to receive tokens from other users and manage them as a single basket.



50X distributes 80% of the collected commissions (excluding expenses) between 50X token holders, and this is not a benefit that will lessen over time - it will stay with you for as long as you hold your 50X tokens!

Tiсker 50X
Decimals 8
Blockchain Ethereum
Standard ERC20
Smart contract 0x4049295fb42de67ccf028a2570b05564cb8cb785


Payment of the trading commission with A2A tokens is carried out with a 50% discount.

Tiсker A2A
Decimals 8
Blockchain Ethereum
Standard ERC20
Smart contract 0x11C039f368606D91664BFd10137B00eEE13CdE77


Distributes 80% + a special 20% bonus pool.
50X100 will convert to 50X if you sell or move them.

Tiсker 50X100
Tiсker 8
Blockchain Ethereum
Standard ERC20
Smart contract 0x5c93C04CD34ddb4eE988466563A38B139e41401e

50x50 Bounty Program

Get from 25% to 40% of the trading commissions of attracted customers, plus an additional 25% of their income in the 50x50 program.

  1. Subscribe your Ethereum wallet
  2. Share your link or promo code
  3. Take profit

Professional Trading Terminal

Our mobile-compatible trading terminal designed by professional traders with advanced position management functions making your profitable trading easier.

  • Changeable orders
  • StopLoss / TakeProfit / TrailingStop
  • Integrated Trader's log & blotter
  • Positions and pair analytics
  • Adjustable colors
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Use promo code "WELCOME"
Get 250 A2A Bonus Tokens NOW!